“A New Beginning”




After recently completing indoor renovations, the homeowners were now ready to focus on updating and improving their property. The home lacked curb appeal and was void of any landscape. The land sloped down to the right of the house where decaying retaining walls needed to be addressed and the backyard needed a complete overhaul.

– Add curb appeal

– Create seasonal interest

– Replace failing retaining walls

– Create a cohesive space in both the front and rear yards

Budget: $48,000+


  • Masonry retaining wall
  • Stone walls
  • Plantings


The timber wall in the rear yard was removed along with the decaying wall in the front yard.  The updated design incorporated a new masonry retaining wall to complement the stucco finish on the house.  A natural moss rock wall was added to the front right side of the house to help even out the grade along the foundation. A selection of hardy plants were selected to soften the architecture of the home, providing year-round interest and immense curb appeal.



  • Large specimen trees, such as hinoki cypress and holly were used to add height and to anchor the home within the landscape.
  • Southern magnolia and birch trees were placed in the lawn to add color and shade.
  • Flowering hydrangea, carpet roses, azaleas and perennials such as geranium, liriope, astilbe, coreopsis and nepeta were used to create seasonal interest.


The redesigned landscape provided the finishing touch to the home’s renovations, restoring its curb appeal and adding tremendous value to the home overall.

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