Project Story: A Pool on the Side




Client wanted to maintain their expansive lawn with water views from the home and terrace but add a new fenced in pool, with all the trimmings.

– An ‘Aqua Center’ with new pool next to existing spa.

– A “Hamptons” look without the maintenance.  

– A privacy backdrop integrating border plantings with the present foliage.

Budget: $100,000+


  • Custom pool
  • Screen/privacy plantings
  • Perennial border garden
  • Natural boulder border
  • Stepping stone path


To achieve these goals the rectangular pool was sited on the side of the property leaving the main lawn area and water views intact. The 16’ by 32’ pool included a swim-against unit.

Code allowed for minimal impervious surface around the pool, so the design used a grid of bluestone two by twos set in synthetic turf for a low maintenance lounge area. A generous 24” wide bluestone coping completes the ‘Hamptons’ look. Natural boulders that were unearthed during the excavation of the pool were used for retaining the grade on the rear and side of the pool area. An extensive drainage system was installed to handle water runoff from the site.

The existing spa unit was incorporated into the pool area with a bluestone stepping stone path connecting the existing terrace with the pool. The pool equipment, between the spa and the entry to the yard from the driveway, was concealed with a hedge of holly and boxwood.

The fenced pool was softened by planting of a boxwood hedge at the entry and Hydrangea ‘Limelight’ to break the look of the fence from the terrace. A border of Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’ lines the fence that separates the pool area from the rest of the yard allowing views to and from the pool area.



  • Screen planting of arborvitae, hollies, schip laurels and spruce to create solid privacy backdrop and repetition of existing plantings
  • Large masses of mixed plantings of hydrangeas, azaleas, vitex, rhododendrons, spireas and St. John’s wort to extend existing borders seamlessly, provide a balance of summer color and winter structure
  • Groupings of grasses, roses and summer perennials such as geranium, coneflower, daylily, Russian sage, sedum and more to provide an abundance of summer color
  • Natural boulders unearthed on site used to fit naturally into grade cut behind pool and balance with plantings


This award winning project received a coveted gold medal from the Long Island Nursery and Landscape Association. The overall result combines a soft and colorful blend of plantings with a minimalist hardscape, while maintaining the pastural character of the site. This provided the former city dwelling client with the ‘Aqua Center’ and ‘Hamptons’ look they wanted while still preserving the openness of the property they fell in love with.


“We had a very challenging poolscape installation project. There were space, drainage and slope issues along with making sure the right kinds of plants for sun and shade areas were selected. The Hicks Landscape team provided the expertise to produce a beautiful result. Most importantly, we have been impressed by Hicks’ willingness to stand behind the quality of their work as any plantings that did not thrive were replaced without question.”   

– Marianne and Peter Z.

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