Landscape Plantings

Bring beauty and serenity to your outdoor spaces. With meticulous attention to detail, our expert team can transform your yard into a breathtaking natural landscape. Our designers work with you to select a combination of trees, shrubs and perennials best suited for your goals, from privacy to year-round color and texture.

Browse our photo gallery and scroll down to delve into our project stories. Each story takes you through a customer’s unique journey, how we tackled the project and the outcome. Perhaps a story is relatable to your project. If so, fill out the form below and let’s start a conversation.

Landscape Plantings Photo Gallery

Landscape Plantings: Foundation Planting, Perennial Border Gardens, Privacy Planting/Screening, Tree & Shrub Transplanting


Front Yard Landscapes

Before & After

Landscape Plantings Project Stories

Poolside After Remodeling

A Pool on the Side

SERVICES: Custom pool design, garden paths, border garden, screen/privacy plantings.

CLIENT BUDGET:  $100,000 +

View of Green Garden Pond

Garden by the Pond

SERVICES: Tree, shrub and perennial plantings, mulch paths with rock borders, dry riverbed, bluestone seating.


Front of large house with a new garden

A New Beginning

SERVICES: Masonry, stone walls, design & plantings throughout property. 

CLIENT BUDGET:  $48,000 +

Pool and garden view from house

Poolside Oasis

SERVICES: Steppingstone walkway, plantings, pruning, transplantings.

CLIENT BUDGET:  $30,000 +

Front of House view with new walkway

Fresh Start

SERVICES: Transplanting, masonry, design & plantings. 

CLIENT BUDGET:  $12,000-15,000 +

A manmade stone river near walk path

A River Runs Through It

SERVICES: Stepping stone walkway, drainage & plantings.

CLIENT BUDGET:  $30,000 +

We could not be more thrilled with the experience as well as the outcome of working with Hicks. The beautiful landscape design now complements and enhances the design of our house. Not only do they have a good understanding of the plants, but the ‘eye for design’ they have is hard to find!! Highly recommend them for landscape architecture!!

Brooke C. – Huntington, NY

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