Project Stories

We welcome you to delve into our case studies, or project stories, as we like to call them. Each project takes you through a customer’s journey, their goals, the challenges presented, how we tackled the project and the outcome.

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Poolside After Photo

PROJECT STORY:  Mid-Century Modern

SERVICES: Pool design, fencing, walkway, plantings. 

CLIENT BUDGET:  $90,000 +

PROJECT STORY:  Poolside Oasis

SERVICES: Steppingstone walkway, plantings, pruning.

CLIENT BUDGET:  $30,000 +

PROJECT STORY:  Cottage Patch

SERVICES: Masonry, custom fencing & gate, drainage, design & plantings. 

CLIENT BUDGET:  $60,000 +

PROJECT STORY:  A New Beginning

SERVICES: Masonry, stone walls, design & plantings. 

CLIENT BUDGET:  $48,000 +

Poolside After Photo

PROJECT STORY:  A Pool on the Side

SERVICES: Custom pool, landscaping, garden paths. 

CLIENT BUDGET:  $100,000 +

PROJECT STORY:  An Inviting Entry

SERVICES: Masonry walkway & steps, driveway, plantings.

CLIENT BUDGET:  $75,000 +


SERVICES: Transplanting, masonry, design & plantings. 

CLIENT BUDGET:  $12,000-15,000 +

PROJECT STORY:  A River Runs Through It

SERVICES: Stepping stone walkway, drainage & plantings.

CLIENT BUDGET:  $30,000 +

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