Landscaping Project Story: Secluded Sanctuary






Upon purchasing a new home, our client wanted to update their unique multi-level back yard and add features to an existing patio to expand their outdoor living potential. Their wish list included:

  • An outdoor fireplace and sitting area.
  • An outdoor kitchen.
  • A more comfortable stairway to access the area.


Budget: $100,000+


  • Masonry steps & retaining walls
  • Grading, tree removal and plantings
  • Multiple dry wells
  • Custom fireplace & pergola
  • Outdoor kitchen


To achieve these goals, all the old paving was removed and replaced with bluestone including the upper dining area. The old retaining walls were demolished and rebuilt with a bluestone cap that acts as a seat wall surrounding the entire patio.

A more comfortable staircase was designed and installed using bluestone slab steps and locally sourced boulders for a retaining wall. We were able to lessen the number of steps and create a more natural approach desired by the client.

A custom fireplace and pergola were installed that creates a much more intimate environment. New material was planted along the rear border and encompassing the new area for a complete renovation of the space. Deep beds and a sloping landscape allow for a layered landscape of mixed trees, shrubs and perennials.

Secluded Sanctuary Rendering




  • Screen planting of arborvitae and skip laurel serve as an evergreen privacy border and back drop to additional material.
  • Mixed groups of spreading evergreen and deciduous shrubs are scattered along the entire landscape consisting of shade material such as deutzia and fothergilla and colorful sun loving plants like spirea.
  • Grasses, ferns and weeping perennial flank the staircase and hug the boulder retaining walls.
  • Yoshino cherries will brighten up the patio in spring with their early arrival of color.


What was an old and tired landscape is reinvigorated into a stunning back yard that surprises with every turn. Intimate gathering spaces were designed to fulfill our clients desire for an outdoor sanctuary and seamless extension of their home.

The multi-level patios are joined together by a path of natural winding steps and plantings of different textures and colors that will create interest year round. The main patio has all the amenities of an outdoor living space where our clients will be able to entertain, relax and enjoy for years to come.

Hicks Landscapes LINLA Gold Award 2023-24


“Thank you for the amazing job you did with the landscape design for my home. It’s the sanctuary I’ve always dreamed of.”   

– Jenny T.

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