Landscaping Project Story: Poolside Oasis




Our client wanted to create an oasis around the pool area accenting the beautiful water features which included a pond.

– Create a poolside oasis with plantings and tons of color 

– Design a “park-like” pathway to the pool equipment

– Utilize existing unique plant material as backdrop 

Budget: $30,000+


  • Steppingstone walkway
  • New plantings
  • Transplantings
  • Pruning


To achieve our goals, we first looked at the existing plant material around the pool area to see what we could use to create focal points and what would be transplanted. The area was loaded with hydrangeas and daylilies, but they were in the wrong places. Also, there were Pines, Spruces and a magnificent Weeping Beech tree.

We transplanted the hydrangeas and daylilies where they can be enjoyed, on the patio by the pool and the upper patio area attached to the home. By layering the hydrangeas and daylilies, we were able to play with the varying heights at multiple angles creating a new dramatic perspective for these beautiful plants to be appreciated.

The home also had an existing bluestone steppingstone pathway from the lawn to the patio. Around these existing steppingstones, we installed long-blooming plant material such as Echinacea, Perovskia, Nepeta, Coreopsis and Roses to add a ton of summer color while also creating a beautiful pathway to the pool.

Behind the pool, we added new bluestone steppingstones under the existing Pines and Spruces for a “park-like” walkway that leads you to the pool equipment. While the destination may not seem spectacular, the journey most certainly is. Transplanting existing Hosta throughout the pathway added the final element to complete this stunning new walkway.

Along the bordering planting beds, we introduced new plant material such as Hypericum, Carpet Roses, Stewartia, Rhododendrons and Vitex for a mixture of color throughout the seasons. These bordering planting beds help tie in the pool area to the remainder of the property. From afar, the pool area sits alone as a spectacular focal space of the property, and as you enter within, you are truly in a private oasis.



  • Screen planting of Schip Laurels help create a bit of privacy and enclose the pool area.
  • Large masses of mixed plantings of hydrangeas, vitex, rhododendrons, spireas and St. John’s wort extend existing borders seamlessly and provide a balance of summer color and winter structure.
  • Groupings of grasses, roses and summer perennials such as geranium, coneflower, daylily, Russian sage, sedum and more, provide an abundance of summer color.


A soft and colorful blend of plantings along with a natural steppingstone walkway were integrated with the unique pool, pond and hardscape to give the homeowners their very own pool oasis ready for any staycation.


“Hicks has long been our favorite place for our gardening needs and holiday purchases. This year we asked Hicks to update our landscaping. Anthony was a pleasure to work with. He showed us a beautiful plan and answered all our questions completely and patiently.

The men who worked tirelessly to put everything together did a wonderful job. They were always pleasant and easy to talk to and made sure we were happy every step of the way. We could not ask for a better group of people to work with. We are already thinking about our next project with Hicks!

 Jerry & Maureen, Old Westbury

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