Back Yard Landscaping Story: A River Runs Through It




Client needed help to solve an erosion issue due to a sloped property while also maintaining access to the rear yard. 

– Create structure and function utilizing interesting rocks and boulders.

– Create a natural setting that compliments the existing woodland border.

– Provide a creative solution to catch runoff from existing gutters and liters.

Budget: $30,000+


  • Drainage
  • Plantings
  • Perennial border garden
  • Stepping stone walkway


Moss rock boulders and stone outcrops were utilized to create a dry riverbed emulating the natural flow of water.  Existing lawn areas and planting beds were regraded to slope toward the gravel bed solving the existing drainage issue.  A stone bridge and steppingstone path was expertly designed to draw you over the riverbed and along the south side of the residence allowing access to the rear yard.  Rocks and gravel of varying sizes provide natural character to this woodland border.



Drifts of shade loving perennials like Hosta and Fern were used to soften the edges of the dry bed and transition the hardscape into the existing natural woodland.


What was previously a consistently damp and oversaturated area of the landscape has now been transformed into a functional garden walk that simultaneously solves the challenges of drainage and erosion control. The client can now enjoy walks along the entirety of his secluded woodland property.


“We wanted the landscape to look beautiful but most importantly it needed to be functional. We are so thrilled with the outcome. Craig and the Hicks team outdid themselves.”   

– Richard

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