Landscaping Project Story: Garden by the Pond




The client was looking to create a naturalistic landscape between their existing patios and the pond area adjoining the property.

– Native plants to meet DEC restrictions

– Pathways for walking and enjoying the garden

– Destinations along the way to sit and relax

– Eliminate existing erosion issues

Budget: $65,000+


  • Tree, shrub, and perennial plantings
  • New mulch paths with rock borders
  • Dry riverbed & boulders for drainage control
  • Irregular bluestone seating area


The design began with garden paths laid out to connect existing paths that led into the space. The paths were extended through the wooded area which lead to a new arbor at the edge of the lawn. They were also lined with native Long Island rocks to define the pathways.

Along each, we wanted various points of interest including a stone bench and an irregular bluestone patio nestled into the woods to invite guests to linger in the garden.

To contain runoff from the existing upper lawn areas, a dry riverbed of gravel and stone was created. The pedestrian path spans the dry bed over a stone bridge. Plantings of mostly native trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcover in masses along the path will provide color and interest year-round. The plantings will also leave unobstructed views of the pond.



  • Structure provided from native trees and shrubs such as inkberry, Mt. laurel, and red maple trees. Flowers from shrubs such as clethra, swamp azalea, hydrangea, and rosa rugosa.
  • Color is provided throughout the season from large masses of perennials such as creeping phlox, nepeta, turtlehead (chelone), iris, coneflower, black-eyed susan, and aster.
  • Drifts of native carex grass and varieties of ferns and hosta provide a lush green element and help prevent erosion and encroaching weeds.


The finished garden provides a beautiful foreground to the pond beyond. Meandering mulch paths welcome strolls through the garden and a bluestone sitting area nestled in the shade provides a destination for visitors to enjoy the space. Plantings, grading, stonework and gravel beds not only enhance the aesthetics of the property but help prevent erosion. 



“We had a very challenging project. There were, drainage and slope issues along with making sure the right kinds of plants for sun and shade areas were selected. Tom and his team provided the expertise to produce a beautiful result. ……”   


Jeff & Kay


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