Landscaping Project Story: Cottage Patch




The existing backyard was not suitable for a growing family. The lawn and the patios were small and disjointed. Poor grading was pushing rainwater towards the house. The space felt tired and uninspired with sparse plantings and oversized gravel spread throughout the yard.

– Create a dining terrace

– Resolve grading issues to move water away from the house

– Install a larger lawn for playing

– Surround yard with privacy and flowering color

Budget: $60,000+


  • Masonry patio & steps
  • Custom fencing and gate
  • Drainage
  • Complete property planting


The brick patios were removed along with the existing gravel and plantings. One established crape myrtle was saved and incorporated into the new design. A French trench drain was installed along part of the house to collect rain so it could be piped away from the home.

The site was regraded to create a more level lawn space for the children to play. A new dining terrace was installed using irregular New York state bluestone. The dining terrace was bordered with concrete pavers to connect a side door and sitting nook with the main patio. The existing stoop was reinforced and finished with matching bluestone treads and stacked stone veneer. New custom wooden handrails were installed to compliment the arbor along the side of the home and pick up on the earthy colors of the concrete pavers and bluestone terrace.

A bluestone steppingstone path was created to lead guests into the rear yard. The path is bordered with drifts of shade perennials such as astilbe, ferns and hosta. A custom designed gate provides privacy and a more significant entry into the rear yard.



  • Two additional crape myrtles were installed in the rear yard to accent the existing tree which was original to the site.
  • A natural border of Japanese holly and skip laurel provides plenty of privacy.
  • A mix of flowering perennials and shrubs were added in front of the privacy border to give constantly changing blooms throughout the growing season.
  • A shade garden was added along the side yard to create a dramatic entrance into the rear yard.
  • Landscape lighting helps give the project another dimension as night falls.


This uninviting rear yard was given a much-needed transformation for the family to use and enjoy. Wet, sloping, and nonfunctional spaces gave way to sunny, lush gardens with a rustic patio for entertaining outdoors. Hardscape materials blended appropriately with plantings creating an inviting, cozy space great for a growing family to enjoy for many years to come.


“Overall, working with Hicks was a fantastic experience.  From the moment we met Sean, we knew we were in great hands.  He listened to our needs and designed an inviting, functional, and gorgeous backyard.  In addition to Sean, everyone on the team was kind, knowledgeable, and professional.  We were part of the process every step of the way.  We couldn’t have imagined our sad backyard turning into the oasis it is.  Now, we spend as much time as we can outside either entertaining or just relaxing as a family.” 

– Happy Homeowners

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