Hicks Landscapes Project Story: Curb Appeal

Front Yard Landscaping Story: Curb Appeal




The homeowners were tired of the old, overgrown landscape which lacked any color. They also wanted an updated entry. The existing double front walkways had structural damage, were functionally unnecessary and disproportionate to the home. 

– Design a singular inviting entrance to the home

– Create a low maintenance cottage style garden

– Use a limited color scheme

Budget: $28,000+


  • Masonry walkway & steps
  • Foundation & front yard planting
  • Steppingstone walkway
  • Plant installation


The existing walkways and steps were removed, and the front yard was regraded to create a gentler slope from the foundation of the home to the sidewalk, allowing for a more comfortable walkway.

A new centralized and expanded walkway was designed to create a more welcoming approach and compliment the scale of the house. Brick and slate were replaced with bluestone while details and focal points along the walkway highlight the architectural features of the home.

A discreet steppingstone path to the driveway allows for access and adds cottage charm.




  • All existing plant material was removed, and compost was added to the existing soil. 
  • The natural tones of the bluestone walk are emphasized with the uses of Endless Summer Hydrangeas.  
  • A low evergreen boxwood hedge along the foundation creates the illusion of a small, planted fence allowing perennials to peek over in plumes of color
  • Hydrangea trees add height and symmetry to the landscape
  • Apple Blossom Roses, Nepeta and Coneflowers add a cheerfulness and are staples in a cottage garden.


A new entrance and walkway now complement the home adding curb appeal and value. The cottage garden adds charm and will provide pops of color to round out the personality of the home’s new look.  


“The team at Hicks did an amazing job from start to finish!” 

– Happy Homeowners

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